AECG Corporate Services:

AECG specializes in delivering business financial performance, operational development and strategic growth advisory and implementation services. AECG services include the following:

Performance Analysis | Reporting and Development of:

  • Financial Modeling and Performance Master Plan
  • Business Unit/Segment Profitability Game Plan
  • Forecasting: Demand/Performance
  • Company Strategic Growth Architectural Plan
  • Financial, Operational and Legal Due Diligence

Partner Pipeline | Development, Negotiation and Review of:

  • Supply Plans and Agreements
  • Manufacturing Plans and Agreements
  • Investor Rights Plans and Agreements
  • Joint Venture Plans and Agreements
  • Licensing and Technology Transfer Plans and Agreements

Private and Public Corporate Services | Construction and Review of:

  • M&A, Valuation, and Business Sale and Transaction Advisory
  • Executive Compensation Plans
  • Change and Control Documents
  • Severance Documents
  • Written Outside Director of Compensation Policies
  • Statement of Opinion Regarding Corporate Lease Documents
  • IPO Documentation
  • Indemnification Documents
  • Employee Stock Purchase Plans
  • Confirmatory Employment Letters for Key Employees

AECG is an Archer Ellison, Inc. Company
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